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The RFID radio chip on the card is currently simulated. The purpose is deter theft. In the future, estimated at 4 to 6 months, the product will be available with an actual working RFID chip. The chip will contain manufacturer's info and the serial number of the product. It will not contain any personal information.

When we switch the product to functional RFID chips you will be able to upgrade your product at any time for a small fee.

However, the RFID chip will still have the purpose of deterence. It will not do much else for a few years until BPPRN is established in cities around the country. The Blue Planet Property Recovery Network, the primary purpose of this domain, will be able to track and recover stolen and lost property. We can not detail this project until all the necessary patents have been applied for and/or granted.

Ultimately, in addition to the deterence factor, the RFID chip will significantly aid in the recovery of lost or stolen property.

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